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Thank you for a wonderful Easter season…we are taking a rest!

As a small family business, we remember and appreciate all our loyal, local and national, old and new, l customers who gave us the reason to keep making chocolate for all your Easter gifts this year.  It was more than we ever imagined, and we especially appreciated all the patience at curbside pickup where on the Saturday before Eater we delivered nearly 100 orders to cars that lined up in front of the shop.

We are taking a rest for a couple weeks, and hoping to ramp back up after May 1, still in time for Mother’s Day May 10.  Check our website for updates and online options, and most likely another national shipping and curbside pickup program which were both very successful.

FInally, I wanted to share this video from my niece who received the Pink Easter Bunny Basket, it reminded me so much that this was the reason we do what we do during these times.  Thank you Madison, and Chuck for sharing, this says it all!

Take care and stay safe, 




Lavender….a symbol of Easter and optimistic new beginnings.

Just as the flower that bears its name, the color lavender has historical use as a symbol of Easter. In that sense, lavender represents the part of the psyche that, untouched by the weary and troubles of years, encompasses imagination, creativity, and because of its association with springtime, the optimistic beginning of new stages in life.  What better way to share chocolate this Easter season!


Large Classic Gold Easter Treasure Chest 

3 Tier, 27 Assorted Truffles   

The L’More Signature 3 Tier Treasure Chest in gold linen finish, adorned with gold edged sage French ribbon tied with lavender, filled with assorted traditional or Easter shaped truffles, in a keepsake box that lasts for years to come. 


The Easter Lavender Gift Box of 12 

Assorted colorful hand made truffle favorites including Fruit Hearts, Royal Liqueurs, Unforgettables, and Nut Flavors.

The Easter Lavender Gift Box of 20   

Assorted colorful hand made truffle favorites including Fruit Hearts, Royal Liqueurs, Unforgettables, Nut Flavors, and Florals.

The Easter International Liqueurs Pairings Kit of 20

Savor the flavors or your favorite European Liqueurs and favorite fine chocolate hand made truffles.  Dream of sitting in a cafe in France sipping French Chartruese or Creme de Menthe or St. Germainne Elderflower, then travel to Italy for Amaretto and Proseco, then back through the Austrian mountains for Creme de Violotte.  A truly international tasting experience to enjoy from the comfort of your own home.

The Lavender Chocolate Lovers Easter Basket 

Endless choices of Easter Chocolate!  Includes a fluffy purple stuffed bunny with its own package of crispy “chocolate carrots,” a purple bunny box of 9 Easter shaped Belgian chocolates, a shimmering purple hand  dusted nest egg, a Peanut Butter Egg, hand dipped chocolate coconut mini-macaroons, a L’More Belgian Chocolate Bar and a Chocolate Peanut Butter Easter Egg.

For the Family….The L’More Easter Goblet and Chocolate Eggs

Includes The L’More Easter Goblet with a large golden Easter Egg, and a basket full of colorful painted Easter Eggs to share as a family.



The Lavender Solids Gift Box 

A darling Lavender color Bunny Gift box with 9 assorted Easter Shaped Solids in pure Belgian chocolate.  Perfect small gift for anyone! (shapes may be slightly different than shown due to availability)


The Lavender Nest Box 

A solid dark or milk chocolate nest, filled with white chocolate and sprinkled with pastel jelly beans, a perfect small addition to any Easter Basket.

New for Easter 2020…The L’More Bunny Box for the Kids!

A simple yet magical Easter Gift Box with all the traditional treats, ready to go!

The Easter Bunny Gift Box 

No need to shop around, this unique Easter Bunny Box features all the favorites including a hand made Chocolate Easter Bunny or Nest Egg, a Peanut Butter Chocolate Egg or hand dipped mini-coconut macaroons, assorted Jelly Beans, a generous bag of crispy “chocolate carrots” and a few ring pops in favorite Easter Shapes.


The L’More Easter Goblet 

As seen on KARE 11, this unique Easter mold is in the shape of a Goblet, surrounded by four bunnies in the green garden.  Hand dusted in Easter colors, a delightful hostess gift of centerpiece for any Easter dinner table.  (golden milk egg substituted for contents due to availability)

The L’More Floppy Ear Easter Bunny

The same Easter bunny mold that adorns the chocolat shops in Paris  -just like Angelina’s-  this unique Easter bunny mold will bring a smiles to all ages who just cannot have an Easter without their chocolate Easter Bunny!

The L’More Easter Slipper 

The very popular L’More Slipper, decorated for Easter, a perfect gift for any lady in the house!  (contents may vary due to availability)

The L’More Porsche 911 Race Car 

An authentic Porsche chocolate race car, full 10-12 ounces of pure Belgian chocolate dusted in gold and packaged for pickup or shipping.

Hand Made Easter Almond Bark Bars $8

One of our best sellers, fresh hand made Almond Bark with sea salt, in premium milk and dark chocolate…in black and pink Easter sleeve.


For Her….The April in Paris Easter Basket 

Includes a unique collection of Parisian confectionery specialties:  Pastel Chocolat Boissier Petals and Chewy Candies, Mazet Flavored Chocolate covered nuts, Mazet Flavored Pralines and Comptoir Paris scened chocolate bars, topped off with an Eiffel Tower keepsake ornament. 

For the Boys….The Race Car Easter Basket 

Includes the authentic Porsche 911 Chocolate Car, a box of 8 Classic Car shaped chocolates, a Chocolate Peanut Butter Easter Egg, Almond Bark Bars, Chocolate Dipped Mini-Macaroons and other assorted Easter treats.


For the Girls….The Pink Bunny Easter Basket 

Includes a fluffy stuffed bunny, with a special Easter Bunny box with a hand made chocolate Easter Bunny and crispy “chocolate carrots,”, a Chocolate Peanut Butter Easter Egg,  Chocolate Dipped Mini-Macaroons, a set of ring pop suckers in Easter shapes,  and other assorted Easter treats.



The Easter Cross Truffle Gift Box

Celebrate the true meaning of Easter with a lovely Cross Gift box filled with 9 handmade truffles in milk, dark and white chocolate flavors in various Easter shapes.

The Spring Butterfly Truffle Gift Box

Celebrate springtime with a Butterfly Gift Box filled with 9 handmade truffles in milk, dark, and white chocolate in various Easter shapes.