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Just like in the shop, build your own box of your favorite flavors for curbside pickup in our enclosed Alcove.

Get you favorite truffle flavor experiences among our 6 flavor categories…and experience them at home or on the go with friends and family!  We are constantly making fresh truffles in our Salon, and are ready to package up a tray of assorted truffles in the flavor group of your choice. Specially priced, buy 5 get one free!  Try 6, or 12, or 18 combination of assorted truffles of the flavor group or groups of your choice.

If you have a particular truffle flavor you would like us to include, you can note that on your order and we will do our best to full or substitute your picks, and have it ready for pickup during our Regular Store Hours.

6 Assorted Unforgettables  $10
6 Assorted Royal Liqueurs  $10
6 Assorted Fruit Flavors  $10 
6 Assorted Florals and Nuts  $10
6 Assorted Florals  $10
6 Assorted Nut Flavors  $10
6 Assorted Herbs and Spices  $10