L’More Chocolat is about just that… constantly bringing you MORE chocolate flavors and experiences. We’re committed to bringing you the best chocolate in the world within our shop each day of the year, so why wouldn’t we constantly fuel that journey? More Chocolate From Around The World is about highlighting a special chocolate or chocolatier from different corners of the world, from Paris to Bruges or Lucerne and beyond. These are carefully selected feature chocolates that are rare and not regularly available in the United States.

In 1827 Bélissaire Boissier established one of the oldest sweet shops in Paris. It all started with the ingenious confectioner who invented, among other things, the now famous “ball” candy, glazed chestnuts, and the celebrated Chocolate Petals.

He first began offering his delicate creations to the ladies of Paris high society and for nearly 200 years, this prestigious brand has left a lasting impression among European chocolate lovers.

L’More Chocolat is honored to be selected as the first United States flagship for these coveted Parisian chocolates, voted among “Best in the World.”