The History of Chocolate Molds

Chocolate, as a form that we consume today, was, arguably, first brought to light in Germany at the beginning of the 17th century recognized as a medicine and restorative in a melted liquid form.  In the mid 1600s, chocolate houses began to open, in London (1657), Germany (1673), and later Italy (1720).The very first chocolate molds appeared in France in the mid-1830’s. These first chocolate molds started as simple geometric shapes intended to bring chocolate to the mass market in candy form.

During this time, every European town had several chocolate shops. Competing for business, these shoppes would cast solid and hollow chocolate using the highly detailed moulds that were created by mouldmakers. Depicting stories, lore, and images of then-modern time, each mould offers a snapshot at that specific time in history, whether be through rabbits, Santas, or other figurines.

While most of the mould makers existed in Germany, they were forced to shut down during World War II and many of the moulds were buried to be saved from having to be melt down to make weapons for the war. Thankfully, collectors stepped in and preserved the history.


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