L’More Chocolat represents a vision that is simple — a memorable place to find the best chocolate in the world and experience it like never before. If you’ve never had the opportunity to walk along cobblestone streets, going from chocolate shop to chocolate shop, in a quaint setting within a bustling city, then consider L’More Chocolat a closer alternative to Europe. Chocolate is the expression of joy, romance, and sometimes playfulness. L’More Chocolat by name, is a play on words, combining the romance of amour and the reality that there is no such thing as enough chocolate. We always want MORE.

L’More Chocolat promises to bring joy and delight into the lives of those who walk through our doors and to discern what the best chocolate in the world tastes like and why. We ensure this promise by hosting opportunities to try new things, meet new people, learn new recipes, feel special and most importantly, find your chocolate.

Kathy Ehrmann, Owner/Founder

Kathy’s love of chocolate began at a very early age and she has had a lifelong goal of turning that passion into something more. Her dream has been realized with the creation of L’More Chocolat. Building upon a 25 year commercial real estate career that formed new shapes across many skylines, which included locally the Guthrie Theater and the Medtronic Campus, her vision now is to shape chocolate into distinctive moments and memories that change the heart. While on business trips in Brussels and Paris, she could not wait to depart the boardrooms for the backstreets to find the best chocolate those cities had to offer.

So it has been for most of her adult life that Kathy has been building this dream. The saying “Life is Short” never became so real for her as in a few very defining moments and undeniable signs in recent years that the time was now. One November evening while traveling on business she had found herself walking the streets of Paris at night, with a mouth full of chocolate, when the deadly terrorist attack occurred just blocks away. A few months later, she lost a close friend to cancer, one who had been a valued business colleague and dear personal friend, who shared the same very long hours building many of those real estate projects for their clients together. She knew then she could wait no longer.

Those years of travels seared in her a vision, built upon the realization that there is nobody, anywhere on this “side of the pond” that has truly recreated the true European Chocolate Shop. Her commitment to crystallize this vision culminated with a European chocolate tour, where she visited 50 of the oldest and most famous chocolate shops in Paris, Brussels, Lucerne, Zurich, and Bruges. Her trip also included being trained and certified as a Chocolatier at Switzerland’s oldest and most prominent chocolate company. She has also completed the Professional Chocolatier Program with Ecole Chocolat, an internationally recognized chocolatier school.

Lyndsay Terhark (Ehrmann), Retail Manager and Event Planning

I grew up with my family on the waters of Lake Minnetonka. Summers on boats and walking along Lake Street in Wayzata make some of my favorite childhood memories! My first job was even a few doors down from what is now L’More Chocolat! After graduating college in Ohio with a background in event planning and strategic communication, I knew I wanted to make roots back in the town I was raised. After working the ins and outs of the restaurant industry for a large corporation, I’m excited to apply my background and skills back to the town I hold so dear. As a newlywed, family is everything to me, and I’m excited to use my skills with my family to grow a chocolate shop in Wayzata, helping make memories for others that last a lifetime!

Amy Haugen, Artisan Molded Chocolates and Treats

One of my passions in life has been to add a sense of fun, joy, comfort and camaraderie through entertaining and food. Whether planning a special occasion or cooking for someone in need, it has been my expression of care and love. Those are the ideals I bring to the molded chocolate line for L’More Chocolat – so that you too can pass on the gift of a smile or touch the heart through decadent chocolate. I also plan to use chocolate to give the gift of employment to people with special needs in the making of some of our scrumptious hand-dipped treats.

Nikkolette Krumheuer

Nikkolette specializes in one thing, the macaron, and she knows how to do it!  Known for making desserts for her friends and family, she has always been passionate about baking, but once she set her sights on the elegant macaron her life changed. A “numbers person” in the corporate world, she brings her detailed thought process and analytics to crafting the perfect macaron. Each macaron is hand-made by Nikkolette, using only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients. Nikkolette prides herself on excellence and we hope you enjoy her macarons at L’More Chocolat where she has formulated several new exclusive flavors.

Beverly Hansberry, Handmade Caramels

These caramels have been in our family for years! My sister who always did everything perfect tried to teach me how to make perfect caramels. I never could get them to turn out right. She just could not understand how I could not make them. My dear sister got breast cancer and died at 46 on that October 8th. Christmas came that year and there I am at the stove trying to make the family caramels. There was a feeling of pure happiness and yes my caramels came out perfect for the first time ever. I think I know who was there helping me make the caramels. They turn out perfect every time from that very day on.

Bailey, L’More Chocolat Mascot

Ellen Stoehr

Ellen Stoehr is a graphic designer based in Minneapolis, designing professionally since 2011. Her areas of expertise are brand identity, logo design, typography and marketing/social media. Many would say she is a positive and energizing individual with a deep fondness for people. Ten years in the service industry, entertaining guests, she loves being on stage and relishes a space where she can be her true self. Ellen is grateful to be a part of such a bold and inspiring vision and is beyond thrilled to be a part of the L’More Chocolat team, designing collateral and managing social media.