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This is the time to remember….

In this season of reflection, take the time to remember we are not walking alone.   Now more than ever, we cherish the relationships that mean the most.   Reach out to your treasured friends, family, and clients with our unique collection of holiday gifts of hand made premium truffles and chocolates from L’More Chocolat.

Come to the L’More Chocolat showroom to see these new collections and create the custom gifts to make the season most memorable for your clients, friends and family. 


How to shop the 2020 Holiday Collections…

Order Online for Pickup– Curside Pickup during Showroom Hours in alcove or on 13th Street beside shop- call upon arrival

Order Online for Delivery– We provide shipping services for $15 per address, or can provide Hand Delivery for orders over $100 for $20 per address

By Appointment- Book a Private Showing to customize your holiday gift giving program. Request an Appointment on Home Page, or Call Lyndsay, Salon Concierge Manager at 612-513-1230  to make an Appointment.


All New for 2020….a Happy New Year Gift Box with Pairings! 

“Que La Fete Commence”….Let the Celebration Begin


As we all look at the year of 2020 and the unique challenges and unprecedented history, we will certainly remember and yet look forward more than ever to a new start and a fresh new year.  Our all new long, elegant box with selected pairings is wrapped in French Silk Ribbon with the  French phrase “Que La Fete Commence”…or in English, “Let the Celebration Begin.”  Topped with a glittering Eiffel Tower ornament as a keepsake Parisian treasure for any season.

A unique alternative to typical holiday gift giving, to be cherished with anticipation during the holidays, or delivered on their doorstep as the new  year begins.

We selected this unique French Silk ribbon for this new collection, inscribed “Que La Fete Commence” which is in English “Let the Celebration Begin.”

Let the Celebration Begin Long Gift Box  (18 Royal Liqueur Pairing Truffles) $35
Let the Celebration Begin 2 Tier Treasure Chest Gift Box  (10 Assorted Truffles ) $30

The L’More Signature Holiday Treasure Chest Collection 

The Holly Red Holiday Treasure Chest

A four tier hand made red treasure chest box, opens up to display a seasonal collection of holiday truffles and chocolate bars.  Mix and match trays of fresh, hand made truffles or bars of your choice.  Optional wax seal available.

Grande Red Holiday Treasure Chest  (36 Truffles) $65
Grande Red Holiday Treasure Chest  (27 Truffles and one bar ) $55 
Grande Red Holiday Treasure Chest  (16 large truffles) $45

The Petite Holly Red Treasure Chest with Jingle Bell

Holly Red Petite Treasure Chest  (12 Assorted Truffles) $30

The Holly Red Single Layer Gift Box with Musical Ornament

Holly Red Single Layer Gift Box  (12 Assorted Truffles) $24

The Gold Holiday Treasure Chest

A three tier hand made gold treasure chest box, opens up to display a seasonal collection of holiday truffles and chocolate bars.  Mix and match trays of fresh, hand made truffles of your choice.  Available in two sizes, small and large, with French Chocolat ribbon..  Measures 6″x6″x6″

Golden Holiday Treasure Chest Small  (12 Truffles) $25
Gold Holiday Treasure Chest Small  (8 Truffles- one bar) $20

The Hanukkah Collection

The Large Star of David Treasure Chest

Three 9 piece drawers filled with a total of 27 unique truffle flavors of your choice, closes up into an elegant cube.  Great for table settings,  with a selection of special chocolate delicacies.


Large Star of David Hanukkah Treasure Chest $50

The Small Star of David Treasure Chest

A smaller four tier treasure chest, 4 piece drawers filled with a total of 16  unique truffle flavors of your choice, closes up into an elegant cube.  


Small Star of David Hanukkah Treasure Chest $30

The Solid Chocolate Star of David 

This large 5″ Star of David is a simple statement block of premium chocolate, perfect for gifts and favors.  Available in blue organza gift  bag or in Star of David gift box.


Solie Star of David Chocolate Bar $18

The Holiday Tuxedo Collection

Reminiscent of the elegance of a classic Top Hat and Tuxedo, this custom collection is wrapped in Santa Belt taffeta ribbon from France in Black Tie quilted boxes, with Tartan Plaid bows atop a unique pop up Tuxedo Box with oval label for custom logo labels or wax seals.  

Holiday Black Tie Santa Belt Gift Boxes

Elegant black cushion finished boxes with artistic French taffeta ribbon with Santa’s black belt and shiny gold buckles.

Small  (6 Truffles) $18
Medium (12 Truffles) $25
Large  (18 Truffles or 12 Large Truffles) $35.00 

Holiday Tuxedo Gift Boxes

The L’More signature Tuxedo pop up box, with red tartan plaid ribbon.  Oval tag can be customized with an oval label with your logo.

Small (4 Truffles) $12 
Medium 8 Truffles $18
Large 12 Truffles  $25.00 

Holiday Top Hat Gift Box

A unique satin gift box with 4 inch brim, shaped like a top hat, with holly berry trim. Fits 3-4 truffles depending on size and shape. Can be customized with circular label on top with your logo or message. 


Holiday Top Hat $10

The Joyeux Noel Fribourg Collection

Tucked in the hills of French speaking Switzerland, the city of Fribourg is known for its handmade artisan paper and the holiday whimsical paper competition. 

So very special we chose to feature it with a Joyeux Noel French Satin ribbon.  Filled with hand made truffles in the original ballotin boxes, once created over 100 years ago to most elegantly display the detailed design and shapes of each special truffle.

The Original Fribourg Ballotin Chocolate Box

The original ballotin shaped truffle box, in whimsical artisan paper, with brown glossy insert as backdrop to the shimmering holiday truffles.

Fribourg Small Ballotin 10 Truffles $20
Fribourg Large Ballotin 15 Truffles $30

Joyeux Noel Chocolate Bars

Gift bars in whimsical artisan paper sleeves, with 24 days of Advent, or snowman or Christmas tree international holiday greetings including Joyeux Noel greetings.


Fribourg Advent Gift Bar  $12

The Contemporary Chocolat Collection

The Kelly Green

Chocolat Truffle Gift Box

A new contemporary look…shiney bright green box with bright red/orange ribbon imprinted with metalic green “Chocolat” in French


Green Chocolat Holiday Gift Box 12 large or 15 small truffles  $25 

Hand Molded Chocolate Figures

Hand made from pure Belgian chocolate, in milk or dark, dusted in shimmering gold, packaged in satin edged gift bag with drawstring.

Hand Molded Traditional Chocolate Tree $18 
Hand Molded Chocolate Ornament $18 
Hand Molded Chocolate Reindeer $18 
Hand Molded Chocolate Santa in Chair $18 
Hand Molded Traditional Chocolate Santa $18