When Porsche wanted something special to present to every new Porsche owner, the solution came from L’More Chocolat and a custom mold of a Porsche car…in chocolate! 

We are proud to serve many of the individual Porsche Dealerships in the United States.  We have worked locally to determine the custom chocolate bars and gift boxes that meet the unique needs of each dealership.  We can customize packaging, as well as create custom wax logo seals to add another layer of class to the overall customer experience.


The Porsche 911 Chocolate Car  $25

We have secured the exclusive chocolate mold for the Porsche Carrera 911, over a half pound of pure Belgian chocolate in milk, white or dark. 

Approximately 8″ by 4″ by 3″, this is a statement piece that can be the perfect gift for any new Porsche owner, or as a holiday gift for your clients you want to remember during the holiday season. 

Dusted in gold, and packaged in your choice of a variety of box or presentation boxes or display vinyl bags, this is sure to stand out and make Porsche memories sweet.

Quantity Discounts Available.  Please call Kathy at 612-940-8747 for more information.

Luxury Chocolate Porsche Car $25.00 

Quantity Discounts and Shipping Available



The Porsche Bar $20

Porsche Chocolate Bar Milk $20.00

Porsche Chocolate Bar Dark $20.00

Quantity Discounts and Shipping Available




We can work with you to match boxes and ribbons that reflect your individual dealership and enhance the branding impact of this special gift.