A Parisian Menagerie of Shapes and Flavors

L’More Chocolat chocolatiers craft every batch of truffleswith the freshest ingredients and the finest chocolates available. Our chocolatiers incorporate the best practices learned from Europe’s most renowned chocolate shops in Paris and other European cities famous for exquisite chocolate practices.

With over 50 unique flavors of truffles in six categories including Fruits, Liqueurs, Florals, Herb and Spice, Nut Flavors, and Classic Unforgettables, our truffles are full of bursts of rich flavors that evoke the ultimate expression of confectionery delight!

With custom orders, we can prepare your truffles in any of our many  custom truffle shapes.  We  searched throughout Europe and have acquired a full collection of professional truffle molds in unique shapes and sizes which each tell a story.  For a wedding, how about a cameo for the bride and crown for the groom?  For the summers on the lake, how about a sailboat? Love music…how about a violin? 

Our Classic Truffle Shapes

Some of our Custom Truffle Shapes

The Complete Menagerie of Truffle Flavor Experiences…