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Welcome to the new and expanded

L’More Chocolat Classes and Event Venue!

Chocolate Cooking Classes, Private Events and Parties, Business Team Building

Make a date in the L’More Chocolat Kitchen.  Try tasting endless truffles, chocolate or macarons.  Become a Master Chocolatier for a day, making your favorite truffles or sculpted chocolate figures, of just let the kids have fun dipping and molding chocolate treats of all kinds.  We can do private tastings and event transport our Italian Chocolate Tempering machine to your location to host a chocolate making party that will be the one that everyone remembers for years to come.

Thinking of a new kind of team building event?  Our updated shop makes room for up to 12 participants in cooking classes, or 16 for tasting classes….safely socially distanced.

April Virtual classes now available!

We continue to monitor the serious COVID crisis in our community, and have adapted our class programs to ensure your safety.  Our tasting classes are hosted virtually on Zoom, so you can enjoy all the fun in the comfort of your own home with family and close friends.  Our chocolate making classes will have limited participants, but you can also book the entire event for a private group of up to 8, taking turns in the kitchen or sipping some hot chocolate or coffee for a relaxed evening in our all new Parisian Chocolat Salon and Event Center.

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International Organic Chocolate Tasting and Coffee Pairings

Let’s mix the best of the coffee beans with the best of the cacoa beans together!



$35 per kit (Curbside Pickup)

We will send all participants a link to the Zoom Meeting from the L’More Chocolat Event Center

Tuesday, April 6 6:00-7:30


 International Organic Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Tasting and Coffee Pairings

At L’More Chocolat, we are committed to bring you the experience of understanding the many differences of types of chocolate and the countries from which they are harvested and brought from bean to bar.  Take the chocolate journey with us in South America to Equador, Peru and the Dominican Republic…then off to Africa to Tanzania and Madagascar… all in one evening.

Have you ever read the detailed label of a wine bottle, and then start to taste it before it even hits your lips? In a similar way, this class will help you learn the many undiscovered flavors within chocolate, and appreciate that there can be woody, tobacco, blackberry notes or other descriptors that differentiate what might appear to be the same dark chocolate, but in reality are actually dozens of chocolates.

Leave with a whole new appreciation for the countries and flavors that differentiate each of the types of chocolate and find which one you will never forget…and cannot live without.

A Menagerie of Grapes and Cacaos…Wine and Chocolate Pairings

A Colassal Tastebud Experience….for the discerning connoisseur in all of us!



$40 per kit (Curbside Pickup)

We will send all participants a link to the Zoom Meeting from the L’More Chocolat Event Center

Tuesday, April 13  6:00-7:00

As many kinds of wine as there are, there are unique chocolate pairings to match.  We searched all over to find the right partner to create a single evening to experience it all…and we found that in a complete collection of Wine Lovers Chocolate 1 ounce tins.  Carefully and meticulously paired by Chocolate Sommelier Olivia Lizotte of Brix22 Fine Wine Brokers and Exporters in San Francisco, learn and experience the nuances of milk and dark of many percentage mixes- all delightly designed to blend the wine and chocolate flavors for even the most discriminating wine connoissuer.

This Virtual Class includes 5 tins of chocolate matched with 3 small complimentary splits of wine to enjoy in the comfort of your home, with plenty left over after the class to share….again.

Around the World with Truffles and Bubbles

Don’t miss this flight!


$ 40 per Kit (Curbside Pickup)

We will send all participants a link to the Zoom Meeting from the L’More Chocolate Event Center.

Tuesday, April 20  6:00-7:00

Join us for an evening of sips of bubbly and nibbles of hand made truffles…all uniquely paired to match the flavors of  champagne with the unique flavor pairings of interesting Royal Liqueur truffles.  Sip some Proseco, with the burst of flavor of Amaretto truffles or St. Germain Elderflower or Creme de Violette, and Creme de Mint.  Finish off with cordial tastings of Crema Napoleon and German Kischwasster.

Your kit comes with a gift box of our complete Royal Liquerues collection of 12  hand made truffles, with a complimentary  mini-bottle of champagne to compliment the truffe tasting experience.  

The Royal Liqueures Tour of the Best Little Chocolate Shops in Europe

Buckle up, savor the incredible tastes of hand made truffles paired with the original European spirits!


$50 per kit (Curbside Pickup)

We will send all participants a link to the Zoom Meeting from the L’More Chocolat Event Center

Tuesday, April 27 6:00-7:30


The Royal Tour of hand made Royal Liquerue Truffles with accommanying signature spirits.  Travel with us through France, Belgium, and Switzerland whilte savoring the full collection of our Royal Liqueur Truffles that are uniquely matched with the signature mini bottles of some of the most memorable spirits including St. Germaine Elderflower and Chambord Raspberry from France, Five Farms Irish Cream from Ireland, and Di Saranno Amaretto from Italy.  

Buckle your seat belt as we venture through a Virtual Tour of the Best Little Chocolate Shops in Europe! This class will include a Virtual Tour of the Best Little Chocolate shops in Europe, as seen through the eyes of our Owner and Master/Chocolatier Kathy Bohnen in her travels through France, Switzerland, and Belgium preparing for the original grand opening of L’More Chocolat.  A visual adventure to enjoy from the comfort of your home, as we all cannot wait to travel again someday soon.

A one of a kind experience, only at L’More Chocolat!

The Making of the L’More Hand Made Artisan Truffle

Step into the L’More Chocolat kitchen, and become a practicing chocolatier for a day!




Have you ever wondered how we hand make the heart shaped artisan truffles that sometimes mesmerize our patrons in more than 30 different European inspired flavors?

By popular demand, come learn the four step process of making these one of a kind specialty chocolates!  Together we will  temper the French chocolate shell, prepare the rich creamy ganache with your favorite flavor, and then pipe the molten ganache into the shells and top off with one last layer of chocolate before dusting with a glittering shimmer of color.  

Each attendee will leave with a generous box of truffles created that day. Includes truffle samples, refreshments

My Favorite Things in Chocolate

So real you will not believe you can eat what you make!



Did you know that chocolate molds were how the very first chocolate shops competed to be the best? Pick out your favorite artisan mold and learn how to make a Porsche car, a high-heel shoe, a  wine or champagne bottle, purse,  and more. Decorate your special creation with colorful dusting and enjoy an evening of fun, sharing stories and new experiences with old and new friends.  Personalize and take home your own creation, ready to be displayed or slowly nibbled and savored until the next time you come to the L’More ChocolatParisian Salon.

Light snacks and beverage provided.  Each participant takes home several hand made chocolate molded figures, made as a group and individually.


The Willy Wonka Chocolate River Party

Willy Wonka himself said it best…PURE IMAGINATION!

$50 per child

Request a Private Event Consultion to plan your event for up to 8 (minimum 6 participants)

“Come with me, and you’ll be, in a world of pure imagination
Take a look, and you’ll see, into your imagination
We’ll begin, with a spin, traveling in, the world of my creation
What we’ll see, will defy explanation.”

Celebrate a birthday or any other special occasion with friends making chocolate in the L’More Chocolat kitchen. Make a date with the L’More Chocolat Chocolatier and let the kids see how chocolate turns from solid to liquid and runs through our Italian machines. Create your own special chocolate shaped treats to take home in a keepsake package!