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We are honored to be selected as the Chocolatier for the Concourse d’Elegance international car show in Amelia Island Florida.  In collaboration with the Ritz Carlton, we will be featuring our custom logo bars for many of the international luxury car brands.  Based on  established relationships with many of dealerships locally and nationally, we have stocked custom logo bar molds for many brands of cars, and can add new brands at any time with dealer authorization.

Check out our booth at the Ritz Carlton Amelia Island gift shop trunk show, or order online at or after the show.  Don’t see your logo here? Contact the owner Kathy Bohnen at 612-940-8747 for additional information about securing custom molds for your dealership.


The Porsche 911 Chocolate Car

We have secured the exclusive chocolate mold for the Porsche Carrera 911, over a half pound of pure Belgian chocolate in milk, white or dark. 

Approximately 8″ by 4″ by 3″, this is a statement piece that can be the perfect gift for any new Porsche owner, or as a holiday gift for your clients you want to remember during the holiday season. 

Dusted in gold, and packaged in your choice of a variety of box or presentation boxes or display vinyl bags, this is sure to stand out and make Porsche memories sweet.

Quantity Discounts Available.  Please call Kathy at 612-940-8747 for more information.

Luxury Chocolate Porsche Car $25.00 

Quantity Discounts and Shipping Available



The Porsche Bar

Porsche Chocolate Bar Milk $20.00

Porsche Chocolate Bar Dark $20.00

Quantity Discounts and Shipping Available



The Jaguar Bar

Jaguar Chocolate Bar Milk $20.00

Jaguar Chocolate Bar Dark $20.00

Quantity Discounts and Shipping Available



The Ferrari Bar

Ferrari Chocolate Bar Milk $20.00

Ferrari Chocolate Bar Dark $20.00

Quantity Discounts and Shipping Available



The Bentley Bar

Bentley Chocolate Bar Milk $20.00

Bentley Chocolate Bar Dark $20.00

Quantity Discounts and Shipping Available



The Maserati Bar

Maserati Chocolate Bar Milk $20.00

Maserati Chocolate Bar Dark $20.00

Quantity Discounts and Shipping Available



The Aston Martin Bar

Aston Martin Chocolate Bar Milk $20.00

Aston Martin Chocolate Bar Dark $20.00

Quantity Discounts and Shipping Available



When Porsche wanted something special to present to every new Porsche owner, the solution came from L’More Chocolat and a custom mold of a Porsche car…in chocolate! 

When Morrie’s Luxury Auto Bentley had a celebration for the reveal of their newest Bentley model, they invited L’More Chocolat to be their partner for that special event with their top clients and prospects.


Base price of custom chocolate bar $17 per bar before quantity discounts

Colored Organza Bag with Drawstring $1.50

Organza Colored Bag Bar Packaging


The Gold Window Box $2.50

Classic, choose ribbon that matches your dealership.  

Gold Window Box Bar Packaging


Presentation Window Box with Satin Ribbon  $5.00

Available in Red, Black, Cream with cushion texture

Presentation Window Box with Ribbon Packaging


Two Tone Gift Box $4.00

Solid high quality box, with stripe detail, makes a grand statement as a client or prospect gift for any occasion. Perfect for adding custom color ribbon or logo seal or sticker for additional customization.  Available in White, Black, Red and Slate Gray.

Available in Red/White, Black/White, White/Black, and Slate Gray/White

Two Tone Gift Box Bar Packaging