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Bringing you the Magic of a little Parisian Chocolate Shop

Have you ever walked through the doors of a little Parisian chocolate shop and feel transcended to a place of sheer joy, the quaint settings, the place to gather, the smells of flowing chocolate, the perfect little chocolate treats packaged in the most memorable boxes and bags?  It is all part of the Parisian chocolate experience.  

We traveled through Paris to see some of the finest Parisian chocolate shops, and have recreated every detail to bring you a one of a kind chocolate experience….no passport required.

Come to the shop and stay a while, make it an experience.

Sink into the  fluffy French lounge sofa, sip genuine Parisian drinking chocolate, savor the seasonal displays and unique sculptured chocolate molds.  Sit at the Chocolate Bar and watch our Master Chocolatiers make fresh truffles and other custom chocolate treats.

Or relax out front in our Sidewalk Cafe and enjoy your ice cream or chocolate truffles while watching the sailboats on Lake Minnetonka.  Coming in 2020 will be expanded sidewalks and a boardwalk across the street.