L’More Chocolat recreates the best elements of the most renowned European chocolate shops. Our kitchen has been custom designed, incorporating the finest European chocolate making equipment from France and Italy, specially manufactured for L’More Chocolat. All of our signature chocolate products are handmade by highly skilled, certified Chocolatiers. And with our open kitchen design, you’ll be able to watch our chocolates transform from flowing streams of the finest milk and dark chocolate taking shape on cold marble slabs. The 24 karat gold hot chocolate machine is identical to the one at Angelina’s in Paris ensuring that the European experience is a genuine and memorable.


When you arrive at L’More Chocolat, you will enter through a 19th century wrought iron door, custom made by European artisans. It was commissioned by one of Minnesota’s most prominent families, and for over 100 years, welcomed family and friends to one of Mount Curve’s grandest homes. It now stands ready to welcome our special guests, and is echoed within the shop in similar wrought iron gates and fixtures.

You will then be delighted with 13 feet of custom made brass chilled display cases full of our fresh truffles, macarons, and other delicacies.


To the right, the heart of the shop is yet another 13 foot display, an antique mahogany hand carved cabinet, also procured from Europe, and showcasing the genuine handmade artisanship of our products. Walk below sparkling genuine Austrian crystal chandeliers, and stroll to the tasting table with a sterling silver Lazy Susan brimmed full of gourmet chocolate tasting chips and truffles for our special event guests.

We promise that a visit to our store will take you to another place and time, and you will leave with a memory of experiencing the best chocolate in the world, and we hope you will come back for MORE.

We invite you to relax with some of our handmade chocolates, some of our delicious drinking chocolate, or one of our unique French macarons. We hope you will feel transported to Europe, enjoying and experiencing what has made the great European chocolate shops such a special experience going back hundreds of years.

We look forward to welcoming you and helping you discover the European chocolate experience.