The L’More Truffle Cake

L'More Valentine's Gift Boxes

Thinking About Starting A Delicious New Tradition?

Come in and let us create a customized L’More Truffle Cake for your next celebration. Our Truffle Cake is stacked with layers of L’More hand made artisan truffles in your choice of 30 different truffle flavors! Mix and match flavor layers or stack high with one favorite flavor.

Call for pricing and to schedule a private tasting so we can layer up your favorite flavors.

The L’More Rose Truffle Gift Tray

Our signature hand made artisan truffle, in special Rose shape made in our favorite flavors of Prosecco, Pistachio, Raspberry and Elderflower.

$25.00 / 8 Truffles

Parisian Pink Artisan Truffle Gift Box

A most unique pink leatherette treasure chest, hand made in Paris, filled with our own handmade artisan truffles, unfolds into four golden drawers filled with seasonal assorted flavors including our European Pleasures, Fruit Rempli (Fruit Filled), Coures d’Ivory (Ivory Hearts), and Unforgettables.

$42.00 / 16 Truffles

The Original L’More Assorted Artisan Truffle Gift Box

A fresh assortment of handmade artisan truffles of French chocolate filled with rich creamy Belgian ganache in our best selling flavors, including European Pleasures, Fruit Rempli (Fruit Filled), Coures d’Ivory (Ivory Hearts), and Unforgettables.

$48.00 / 24 Truffles

Also available in shop or by phone, $28 / 12 Truffles.

After Dinner Gourmet Box Of Liqueur Artisan Truffles

The rich flavors of unforgettable and unique liqueurs engulfed in French chocolate! Melt in your mouth tastes of Ammaretto, Proseco, St. Germain Elderflower, Kirschwasser, Courvousier Crema Napoleon, Chartruese, Irish Creme, and French Violette.

$48.00 / 24 Truffles

Golden Flight Of Handmade Truffles

Set in a keepsake shimmering gold porcelain tray, you can personally select any 10 favorites among our European Pleasures Truffle Guide for that personalized hostess or client thank you gift that will stand out among the holiday rush. Go for it with a decadent assortment, or indulge in a full tray of Prosecco to ring in the new year. (Are you interested in our entire selection of our Handmade Artisan Truffles? Download our full truffle guide.)

$28.00 / 10 Truffles

Golden Flight Of Amour Palets also available in shop or by phone. $28 / 9 Palets

Find Your Chocolate Tasting Palets Gift Assortment

Travel around the world of chocolate to find your favorite, all in one box! Twelve pouches of 4 Palets each in Milk, Dark, and White from Belgium, Switzerland, and France. Our Amour “Palet” is a heart shaped hand made chip known through Europe as the Master Chocolatier’s signature.

$28.00 / 12 Pouches of 4 Palets

Also available in Single Origin Dark Decadence from Columbia in shop or by phone.

Golden Flight of Hand Made Palets

Savor this golden flight of Palets with wine  or coffee. Taste the caramel notes of France, the milky, creamy texture of Switzerland, and the deep and pure chocolate tones from Belgium. Our Amour “Palet” is a heart shaped hand made chip known throughout Europe as the Master Chocolatier’s signature.

$28.00 / 9 Pouches of 4 Palets

Boissier Chocolate Petals

L’More Chocolat is one of less than five boutique chocolatiers in the US selected as ambassadors for Boissier! Since 1827, Boissier has made chocolate memorable with its famous delicately scented, wafer-thin chocolate petals in milk, dark, white, and pink chocolate in assorted “Aux Fleurs” flavors of Rose, Jasmine, Violette, Verbena, and Tea, or full box of Rose or Violette. The elegant tin box makes it ideal for gifting anytime of year.

$18.00 / 4 oz. Small Tin

Also available in shop or by phone:
11 oz. Medium Tin $35.00
1 lb. Large Tin $60.00
2 lb. Extra Large Tin $95.00

L’More Chocolat Bar Gift Box

A solid pound of pure L’More European chocolate bars in milk, dark and white chocolate, wrapped for giving in a foil lined box tied with a satin ribbon.